October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween & Zoo Boo!

Happy Halloween, y'all! Today we plan on celebrating by taking Evie trick-or-treating at Christopher's office then maybe dinner with his parents. We probably won't do trick-or-treat at night time this year. Chris is going to be teaching on Thursday night, there is a massive storm predicted to come through and wrangling four dogs and a toddler through all of it just doesn't sound like that much fun to me! I am also really Grinching it up this year and I am turning my porch light OFF. Neither tricking-or-treating by myself nor answering the doorbell for little ghouls and goblins while trying to wade through four idiot dogs barking their fool heads off while my two year old tries to sleep in the next room sound fun at all. So this year is going to be chill and we will count trick-or-treating at Christopher's office for this year! 
I also wanted to share these pictures of Zoo Boo with y'all! This was last Saturday. We weren't sure we were going to be able to go after Evie was sick all last week, but when her fever broke Friday evening we decided we'd give it a try. It was a really fun time. Evie got to ride the merry go round, go trick-or-treating at the various stations* and see all the decorations. The singing pumpkins scared her, but the "dinosaur" on the roof made up for it. All in all I am glad we went but I think that once Miss Evie is a little older (or not getting over being sick for four days) she will enjoy it more!
{She liked the spider and the "dinosaur"!}

{Creeeeepy decorations!}

{Daddy is always so proud when his girl is dressed up in her Volunteer Orange!}

*Ok here is my rant. I feel like parents do not teach their children manners any more. I can't tell you how many kids I saw run up in front of the kids waiting in line, stick their buckets out without saying "Please!" or "Trick-or-treat!" and then run off without so much as a thank you. I find that to be ridiculous. Manners matter, and I am very proud to say that I am raising my daughter with manners and teaching her to respect others. She said trick-or-treat at every station and thank you, too.  You know what, she got extra candy out of it a few times. Seriously, though, please teach your children basic please and thank you. Ok, done now.
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October 30, 2013

When The Sickies Strike

Last week the sickies majorly struck our house. 

High fever (102F-105F), no appetite, lethargy and a really yucky rash kept our girl down for four days straight. It was a pitiful up at all hours of the night, Go Diego Go marathon watching, pedialyte drinking and nothing but ice-cream eating week at our house. 

After two trips to the pediatrician, by Saturday morning Evie was feeling up to a trip to IHOP for "cake cakes" and that night a trip to Zoo Boo. On Sunday we had a blast at the Pumpkin Patch!

When Evie Has The Sickies

{Only the blankie that GiGi crocheted will do!}

{My normally clean sink looks like THIS:}

{My counter becomes a command center for all things fever and fluid related. Not pictured is the notebook where I write the time and type of medication after each dose. Also, yes my dogs tried to eat Evie's advil. Morons.}

{Ice-cream with sprinkles is a totally acceptable dinner food. PS my kid is convinced that only Christmas colored sprinkles are actually sprinkles. Rainbow or single color do not equal sprinkles. Ok. Whatever kid.}

I'm glad my baby is feeling better and is finally getting her appetite back. I am also, as always, so grateful to have our parents close to us. It is such a blessing to both Christopher and me, and also to our sweet baby girl!

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Wordless Wednesday: Pumpkin Patch

This past Sunday, by some small miracle, we managed to make it to Cedar Hill Farm for their pumpkin patch. Between scheduling conflicts, a very sick baby and a house fire (not ours) I really thought our we'd be taking Pumpkin Patch pictures at Wal-Mart this year! So when Sunday rolled around Evie was feeling up to it we headed off for some festive Fall fun.
We picked pumpkins, visited the Princess Autumn (the Pumpkin Princess), rode ponies, fed pigs and goats, rode the choo choo train and I took pictures galore. We ended up having a great day! 

{Playing on the swings before riding the tractor to the patch!}

{Hanging with Daddy while waiting for the tractor!}

{I found a stem!}

{Maybe this pumpkin? What do you think, mom?}

{Family photo at the patch!}

{She was so distraught that this pumpkin was "broken"! Toddlers, y'all!}

{This is definitely the pumpkin for me!}

{Happy Girl!}

{Even happier girl riding a tractor!}

{Loving the pony rides with Daddy!}

{One last family photo before we leave!}

Read about Evie's First Pumpkin Patch and Second Pumpkin Patch. We have had a great time every year and I LOVE looking back at the pictures from the past two years!My little nugget is growing up too fast!
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October 28, 2013

Life Created Link Up #8

We were so thrilled to see a few more of you joined us last week and can't wait to see your posts again this week. Your links were packed with such creativity! For those of you joining for the first time, welcome! We are here to create a community! Check out your fellow bloggers' posts and leave a comment on what you love!

Life Created Tuesdays is all about sharing your latest project. Make it. Bake it. Build it. Then come back here or The View From Five Ten to link up your latest posts! Let's kick off week eight of Life Created Tuesdays with this week's features!

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1) Beth from The First Year shared these delicious looking Orange Sweet Rolls!

2) This amazing Upcycled Sweater Tutorial that Nici from Posed Perfection posted is awesome! We are in awe of her talent! Seriously! 8 Projects from one sweater!

3) If you need some help organizing your cords in super cute way Jenn from I Heart Hands on has you covered!

4) Mary Ellen's molasses pumpkin cookies are sure to be a huge hit for Halloween or Thanksgiving!

Rules and Regs
1) Please link back to either Erin or me in the form of a link or the button below! Personally, I vote for the button since I worked hard on it and I think it's pretty cute! :) Help spread the word y'all!
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3) NO giveaways or shop links. Period. End of discussion. Violators will be removed.
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