January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013 Recap & Photo Dump

Well we are already into our first full week of January 2014 and here I am just getting around to sharing Christmas with y'all! Just consider it a lovely continuation of the season!
This Christmas was simply... amazing, y'all. Through the constant puking and feeling like crap it was just wonderful. Evie got Christmas this year. Jesus. Santa. Elves. Presents. Magic. She got it all. There is nothing better than watching your kid at Christmastime. I am so glad that she was so into it this year, her last year as the sole center of attention.
We kicked off the season with our annual trip to the tree farm to pick out our tree and breakfast with Santa! The next day Evie's first Elf on the Shelf showed up and brought breakfast all the way from the North Pole! What a nice guy! Evie named him Choo-Choo and had a BLAST looking for him every morning. Choo-Choo was a very well behaved elf and caused no trouble at all! Just the fact that he moved every night was a huge thrill for Evie!


We made Christmas cookies and salt dough Rudolph foot print ornaments (which I still have to paint!). We shopped and wrapped presents. We bought books for Christmas parties and some for ourselves to read. We (I) watched cheesy Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel and drank hot chocolate and boiled custard until it was at last the best night of the year: Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve is my favorite night of the year. Its quiet candle light filled magic always stirs the Christmas spirit like nothing else can. After candle light Christmas Eve service at church and dinner we headed home to find that while we were gone Choo-Choo made one last trip to the North Pole before Santa took him home. Evie was such a good girl that Santa sent a present back with Choo-Choo: some comfy Christmas jammies just for Evie!

Then it was time for milk and cookies and some carrots for the reindeer before heading off to dreams and awaiting Christmas morning to see if Santa came by!

The next morning it was up and at 'em early for this momma! I made my famous (well famous with Evie and Chris) Orange Sweet Rolls, sausage casserole and scrambled eggs for breakfast! While breakfast was in the oven we woke Evie (thank the Lord for a child who always sleeps to at least seven thirty)! She was so excited to see that Choo-Choo brought Christmas jammies that matched hers for Momma and Daddy. After waking up she ran down the hall to see if Santa made it by our house!

Indeed he did! She was so excited by all of her toys, and being the polite thing that she is kept thanking Santa. She most liked the roller coaster from Knex and the three bright yellow construction vehicles. She was so excited to have her own dump truck, bulldozer and excavator!

After breakfast we opened stockings, Chris and I opened presents and hung out until it was Evie's nap time.
During Evie's nap I took a minute to snap some photos of our kids who walk on four feet. The dogs were cool with their Christmas flair, the cat, however, was above it all!

After nap time Evie's grandparents and Uncle William all came over to celebrate, eat some yummy food and watch Evie open her gifts!

We ate, we drank and we were merry, then it was time for Evie to head to bed!
After Evie went off to dream about books, excavators and roller coasters Chris and I cuddled up on the couch to watch Home Alone and drink hot chocolate!
The merriment didn't end there! We had Christmas with my parents on the 26th, drove to Missouri/Arkansas to surprise my grandmother and then on New Year's Day we had Christmas with Christopher's parents! What a fantastic week of Christmas fun!
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