January 17, 2014

Knocked Update: 14 Weeks

Due Date: July 18, 2014, but we will likely do a repeat c section at 39 weeks!
Total Weight Gained: -12 lbs. As of a few weeks ago. No clue what it is now.
How big is baby? According to my sources the size of a lemon! Pucker up little one!
How baby is growing: Peanut/Little Bit is now able to frown, grimace and make other facial expressions. He or she can also pee! Yay for pee!
Labor Signs: None and hopefully none for at least 25 more weeks!
Maternity Clothes: Pants, and some shirts.
Stretch Marks: None so far. I didn't get any with Evie and I am hoping for a repeat!
Sleep: Much better! Waking up about once a night and having a little trouble falling back to sleep (please don't be the return of restless legs!), but not having to pee three times per night is so wonderful!
Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week: I think (THINK) I might be feeling little bitty flutters and pops in there.
Movement: Baby is a wiggle worm still!
Food Cravings: This week I have actually craved food. This baby is being a butt though because as soon as I get the food in front of me to eat he's all, "Nah, I definitely don't want that anymore mom! In face it makes me kind of want to puke!" Thanks, kid.  
Food Aversions: Varies by day but mostly any kind of chili or stew is gross and really eating food is just not fun.
Morning Sickness: Same as last week, still with the all damn day long sickness. Puking once or twice a day now. Usually around mid morning to mid day and sometimes in the evening!
Sex: We will find out in July! That's right we are team green this time! Old wives tales say another girl, mother's intuition says boy (this week).
Names: We've got them mostly decided. 100% on the boy name about 90% on the girl. Sorry though, you'll find out once the wee one is born!
Symptoms: Right now still the constant nausea and food aversions. My back is starting to hurt a little bit, and I hope I'm not already starting to waddle, but I fear I may be,
Exercise:  Hahahahahaha. That is all.
What I miss: Food that sounds good. Wine.
What I'm looking forward to: Really feeling this baby move all of the time! My next OBGYN appointment is next Tuesday! Huzzah for the that face splitting smile moment when you hear your baby's heartbeat. I'll also be scheduling the anatomy scan, and I already can't wait to see peanut/little bit's sweet face!
{Week 14. I managed to wear a different shirt AND have a clean mirror! Score one for me!}
Also, guys I cannot decide to call this baby peanut or little bit. What do you think? I was totally team peanut, but now I'm kind of liking little bit. It was my nickname, and I sometimes call Evie little bit, too. What d'ya think?
Yikes! Google reader is going bye bye this Summer! Make sure to follow another way so you don't miss a thing!
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