January 2, 2014

Pregnancy the Second Time Around

One of my best friends recently told me that if her third pregnancy had been her first that her son would be an only child.
I know how she feels. With Evie the morning sickness held off until about eight weeks and stuck around until about seventeen. With this one the morning sickness kicked in immediately, and continues to come in horrible waves. Sometimes I start to think they will never end. I puke, a lot, between three and ten times per day. This is surely more than one person should actually be puking. A strong combination of diclegis, zofran and phenegran makes life bearable though. Around seven weeks I had a terrible sinus infection on top of the morning sickness. I was fairly sure I might be dying. I survived it though. I celebrate poop in way that only pregnancy and potty training can induce. I pass out at eight-o-clock at night when I've done no more than sit at my desk all day. The tasks of cleaning my house, picking up my toddler, doing laundry and cooking dinner all seem insurmountable. Blogging and photo editing have taken a swift kick down to bottom on the priority list. I'm sorry about that, y'all, but survival mode and all that jazz.

{Our wee babe at the last ultrasound at 8w3d!
Oh, hey little creature who is making Momma so very sick!}

It hasn't been all snot and vomit though. Chris has been a lifesaver. He's been helping so much with Evie, washing dishes, folding laundry, sending me to bed early, fetching strawberry banana smoothies, and insisting that I don't worry about a thing but growing a baby. Evie is very excited to be a big sister. I'm still not sure she realizes that she's going to be a big sister to a human though. We call her puppies her big brother and sisters so there's a strong possibility she thinks momma is growing a puppy in her tummy!

I feel slightly more relaxed this time around. I've eaten some blue cheese, plenty of lunch meat and even splurged on a second cup of coffee. The food aversions are severe to the point of... everything so when something sounds good I jump on it. I know what I'm getting into, and although it's hard to feel pregnant (and not just crappy) when I know what feeling super pregnant actually feels like I also know what I am looking forward to: baby kicks, oh the sweet baby kicks, and the smell of my newborn baby's head. Heaven.

As a second time mom I also know, along with how sweet a newborn smells, babies don't need all that much to survive. This child of mine will need some clothing (and not all the much being born in the deep South in July), something to eat, diapers and somewhere to sleep. This knowledge coupled with a planned repeat c-section leads us to: team green. I don't doubt that a surprise is a surprise whenever it happens, but the desire to have something about this baby's birthday be unplanned has us putting off this particular surprise until July. So for now I spend a lot of time on Pinterest planning a lovely gender neutral nursery.

The past eight weeks have been altogether different and quite the same as the beginning of my time with Evie. For now, I am trying to enjoy this time the best I can. Thanks for your patience and for those of you who knew, comforting me through the yuck and being patient with me especially Erin who has so very kindly listened to my woes and put up with my slacking for Life Created.

Tomorrow I'll post my first weekly update, and then I promise I'll give you a little break from the pregnancy related stuff!

{What about you? If you have two or more kids or are pregnant with your second did the second time around seem different?}
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