May 6, 2014

In Which I Return to Blogging

You might've noticed (or maybe not) that things have been a little quiet around here. Well, maybe less quiet and more like crickets. Even Facebook has gotten on board reminding me weekly that I need to post because "my audience misses me". I don't know about that, but while I've somewhat enjoyed a long break from blogging, I've definitely missed writing here. I've missed sharing here, and I feel a tiny bit guilty that my first child had weekly pregnancy updates while this one, meh, not so much.
So what have we been up to? I know you are dying to know!

Long story short:

{I turned 31 and Chris threw me a sweet surprise party with our family!}
{We bought a new house!}
{We played in the snow!}
{We started our stash for Baby #2}
{We sold our house after only 8 days on the market!}
{Evie turned 3 whole years old!}

{Evie fell in love with Frozen! Princess Anna hair is her new favorite!}
{We played at HomeDepot while new house daydreaming!}
{The belly continued to grow!}
{My sweet friend Jessie took family/maternity/three year old pictures for us!}
{The Easter Bunny visited Evie and we witnessed our sweet friends Stephen and Libba's baby boy be Baptized! This was moving weekend so we had Easter lunch at Wendy's!}

{After moving out of our house we moved in with my mom and dad and moved Evie from her crib to a big girl bed! She loves it!}
{We went to a Grizzlies playoff game. Despite a heartbreaking loss we still had fun!}

{After the stress of moving I wound up with a weird belly rash, dizzy spells and some bleeding. After a not-so-quick trip to the OB the diagnosis was "Weird Coincidence!" and a healthy 3lb(ish) baby! We are still waiting to hear about the blood work that tested for pre-eclampsia, but I highly doubt that is the case!}
So that's the past few months in an iPhone-ography nutshell. Some of them I'll be expanding more on like Evie's Dora the Explorer themed birthday party and how I overcame my disgust with branded items to give my girl a party she would love. I can't wait to get caught back up with y'all! To keep up in the meantime be sure to follow along on instagram, itsavol or click the fancy camera icon below!
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