October 17, 2014

Lake Last Hurrah

A few weekends back Chris and I took the girls to meet our families at Pickwick Lake for one last boat trip this year. Evie has really had a great time at the lake this year. I know we've got a bona fide lake lover there, and I hope in time that Emma will love the lake as much as the rest of her family! Even though we will spend some time in Pickwick over the Fall and Winter I am really looking forward to going back next Spring! We love the lake!
{Emma and me! She's really into blowing spit bubbles!}
{Boat naps, for the win!}

{Evie and Uncle William}

{Daddy and his girls!}

{Emma was NOT a fan of the cool lake water!}


{Always sad to come back into the no wake zone!}

{Leaves starting to change!}