October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

In Fall tradition we patched it up again this year, well as much as we could patch it up with a crabby-ish 3 month old in tow. We still managed to have fun, Evie found her perfect pumpkin to carve and I managed to get some cute, if not very flattering photos of my girls together.
I am really looking forward to next year. Emma will be a little toddling mess (my favorite age) and I hope Evie will have outgrown some of her threenager-y attitude. And y'all it's not that I'm not enjoying this time in my girls' lives, I am. It's just a time when even the fun things are a little bit hard.  I'm finding that it's ok to go through hard times as a parent, years of your children's lives that just aren't your favorite. The main thing is that we just continue to love these sweet souls unconditionally, even when we want to pull our hair out!

{She found the perfect little pie pumpkin!
The kids get a pie pumpkin with the price of admission.}

{The perfect pumpkin!}

{Excited about her pumpkins!}

{THREE-NA-GER, y'all. Oooh, that sassy attitude!}

{Evie is doing her "I'm tired and ready for nap" fake smile.
Emma just wants to gnaw on that pumpkin stem!}

{Evie is clearly so over it, and Emma is throwing gang signs. It's time to leave!}
Like the past two years we've gone to Cedar Hill Farm for their pumpkin patch! Want more pumpkins? Check out all of our pumpkin patch visits!