November 19, 2014

Vol Family Road Trip Part One: Rainstorms, Malls and Football Games

I guess since it's been over a month since we got back I should finally blog about our family road trip to Knoxville, Gatlinburg and Bristol. Never mind me, always a step behind. It's fun to look back and revisit anyway! Right?
On Friday October 10th Chris, the girls, his parents and I loaded up into the Yukon and headed East to Knoxville on a trip to visit family, go to a Football game at Neyland and visit the Smokies. We learned a lot about traveling with two kids. Evie while very talkative, was a great road tripper. Emma has basically been dealing with some reflux issues for her whole life and we just now figured it out, so she was a little challenging. All in all though we had such an amazing time!
The drive there was a little rough. We did great until just outside of Nashville. 
{Loaded up and ready to go!}

{Sunset over the Tennessee River!}

We stopped to grab dinner and while it was a little cool and breezy when we went into the restaurant to eat as we were leaving the bottom dropped out of the sky and rain started pouring. It was so bad that I had to dig a dry shirt for Chris out of our suitcase. He was drenched. While Roy (my FIL) filled up the car Chris and I ran into Dunkin' Donuts to grab coffee for everyone. That coffee would be a Godsend. My husband drove the next three hours in the pouring down rain and dark. Now when I say pouring I mean I felt like Noah himself should have been piloting the vehicle. Chris has nerves of steel and managed to get us all safely through the rain and into Knoxville. We arrived at Aunt Tricia's house (Aunt Tricia is really a cousin, but as Pat (my MIL) is fond of saying, we promote people in our family) around 1:30 am. After getting both the girls snacks and settled it was time for the the grown ups to hit the sack as well.
We woke up very tired on Saturday morning ready to hit the mall so Aunt Tricia could spoil the girls at Build a Bear and later to head to Neyland Stadium to watch the University of Tennessee Volunteers take on... someone else. I can't remember who, but suffice it to say it was a cupcake team because it was homecoming.
{So. Tired.}
Evie had a blast building a bear with her Aunt Tricia. The bear turned out to to be this really weird horse looking thing that Evie has since named Pony. She sleeps with it every night. Emma got a cute little puppy dog, but since she was mostly in the ergo with Momma she was largely unaware that her collection of babies was growing. After Build-a-Bear we grabbed a bite to eat in the food court and headed home so that Evie, Emma and I could nap before Chris and I took Evie to the VOLS game.
{Evie and Aunt Tricia waiting their turn!}
{Emma chillin' in the Ergo}

{Stuffing Pony!}

I think taking Evie to see the VOLS play at Neyland might have been one of the top five best moments in Christopher's life. He positively beamed with pride every time Evie saw a power T and hollered "GO VOLS!". He had such a great time buying her popcorn, pretzels, frozen lemonade and of course an orange and white pom pon! Seriously, such a proud Daddy. Emma didn't get to go this time, but we look forward to taking her to her first game one day!
{Thanks to Tricia's boss we managed to score some amazing tickets and a parking pass!
This was the view from our parking spot!}

{Ready for her first football game!}
{View from our seats! Not zoomed in at all!}

{Behold, our future!}
{That's a super proud Daddy!}