November 21, 2014

Vol Family Road Trip Part Two: Bristol and Bristol Motor Speedway

One of the main reasons we decided to haul our entire family, including a three month old with a notorious dislike of the car seat, out to east Tennessee and Virginia was to visit Christopher's Aunt Sue and Uncle Addison. We really wanted to make sure that they had a chance to meet Emma while she was still a little baby. I know Emma won't remember it but they will. It was definitely a special visit!
We woke up Sunday morning feeling a little more refreshed after going to bed at a decent hour. After we all got showered and dressed we hit the road for Bristol, VA. I should pause to mention here that we consisted of the following: Chris, Pat, Roy, Tricia, Emma in her car seat, Evie in her car seat, Tricia's toy poodle Andie and me. So that's five adults, two kids and one dog. It's a good thing we all like each other! The drive wasn't too bad, and it was kind of mountain-y so the scenery was nice. We don't really get four seasons where we live so beautiful Fall leaves are a bit of a big deal for us. I loved looking at all of the colors. After stopping to get lunch, we had a great visit with Aunt Sue and Uncle Addison. The girls even both managed a brief nap.

{Family photo with Chris' Aunt and Uncle!}

{Chillin' like a villain at Aunt Sue and Uncle Addison's!}

While the girls napped Chris, his father and I drove to the Bristol Motor Speedway. Since the two of them are rule breakers we found an open gate and drove up to the darn thing. Then somehow they managed to find an open gate into the actual arena (arena? racetrack? what is thing called? ) and despite my protests conned me into going in. Y'all that thing is HUGE! I really want to go to the Battle at Bristol but I know we would have to get nosebleed seats and I would be terrified of falling!

 {Trailer sitting outside!}

{Crappy panorama shot with my iPhone, but you can see how big it is}

After we left the track we headed to Sonic for coffee (did I mention we were tired?) then to say goodbye to Aunt Sue and Uncle Addison. After we said farewell we piled back in the car and headed back to Knoxville. After a quick dinner on the road it was time for bed. We needed a good night's sleep before heading to Gatlinburg the next day!