December 3, 2014

DIY Hydrangea Christmas Wreath

This is the tale of how the non-craftiest person in the world (me) made some adorable DIY hydrangea Christmas wreaths. It starts with the itch I had to update my Christmas decor this year. Our old house only had one door and all the wreaths we had were hand me downs. Cute hand me downs, but for our new home I wanted to start all over and update everything.

What does one do when faced with this yen for new decorations? Pinterest, of course. Pinterest led me to this wreath. It was adorable but I wasn't fond of the price tag, never mind that it wasn't available anymore. I did use it for my inspiration for these wreaths though.

So since so many of you (well, at least a few) have asked for a tutorial I thought I would share how to make these totally adorable super easy hydrangea Christmas wreaths. Seriously they are so simple even I couldn't screw them up. That's impressive when you consider any time I want something crafty done for my girls I ask my best friend Libba to do it. She is the craft master; I'm just lucky she hangs out with me at all considering my dearth of DIY skills.

First, you need to go to your local craft store and look around at their pre-made wreaths. Decide that the prices are ridiculous and since you don't love anything there you will make your own. Purchase your supplies. This list is for two wreaths since we have beautiful double front doors now!

You Will Need:
  • Plain outdoor friendly Christmas wreaths
  • Good quality artificial hydrangeas in colors of your choice. I like classic Christmas colors so I went with a scarlet red and creamy white to compliment the green in the wreath. I decided on six scarlet red and four creamy white. This gave me three red and two white on each wreath.
  •  4" Burlap ribbon, the amount will vary on how big you want your bows to be and how you want to hang your wreaths. I used about twenty feet for the bows and to hang them. 
  • Wreath hangers. I used these since my doors have glass panes.
  • Wire cutters
  • scissors/kitchen shears
  • hot glue gun, and glue sticks. I wasn't sure I would use these but to me crafty = hot glue so I went ahead and fired that bad boy up!
  • 2 hair ties OR needle and thread
  • small piece of cardboard about 5"x3"
  • lap top or iPad for bow tutorial purposes 
  • Christmas music*
  • Christmas flavored coffee*
*not required

Get yourself all set up with a large workspace that is well lit. I went for the kitchen table since it is in a nook with a large window and an overhead light. Turn your Christmas music on. I went for Now That's What I Call Christmas: The Essentials, but your favorite will do. May I also suggest Idina Menzel's Holiday Wishes. I am really loving her album this year.

Instagram it, because, blogger.

Remove any tags from your flowers and wreaths. Go ahead and cut them off, trust me. Pulling them off will only result in massive amounts of frustration. Benefit from my experience, folks.

Using the wire cutters cut your hydrangea blooms off of the longer stems. Leave some of the foliage up near the top. Save the stems that should hopefully have some larger leaves on them. We'll be using all parts of the buffalo here, y'all. 

Next fluff up your wreath.

After this decide what flower configuration you want. I knew I wanted mine to be offset and heavier on one side. So, I decided to put two flowers on one side and three on the other. You could put two white on one side and three red on the other or you could do like I did and put one white and one red on one side and one white and two red on the other. Coming in from the top of the wreath poke your first flower down through the wreath. If you have an extra leaf pull it down then back up through to help keep the flower in place.

My flowers had some longer foliage poking out so I arranged it how I wanted and then wrapped the wire fronds from the wreath around it to hold it in place. I tried to take a picture of what I'm talking about.

Do this with the rest of your flowers until you've got them arranged just the way you want them.

Next make your bows. I ended up blowing off the you tube tutorials and just making my own. I cut a long length of ribbon off and laid it out flat. Take the right end and make a loop with the end of the ribbon draped across at a diagonal. Repeat with the left end. Pinch together in the middle.

You should have a bow at this point. Now, here I kind of freaked because I made the bow but had no way to keep it together. I knew that hot glue wouldn't do the trick, so after scrambling a bit I grabbed a couple hair ties. Just wrap the hair tie around the middle to keep everything in place. Now if you are a truly crafty person you would probably have had a needle and thread just lying around for this purpose. I don't fit into that category so, hair ties for the win!

Next make the puffy thing that wraps around to hide the hair tie. That's a technical term, by the by. Cut a length of burlap ribbon around four inches long. Put the ribbon on your piece of cardboard. This will protect your work surface from getting glue on it. Take your hot glue gun (yes! I knew that thing would come in handy!) and run a bead of glue along the long edge of of the ribbon. Fold the long edge over to the middle and hold it down.

 Repeat on the other side and you should have a piece of ribbon that is thicker and about 1/3 as wide as the bow ribbon.

Wrap this piece of ribbon around your hair tie, hiding it. Using the hot glue gun secure the ends on the back of the bow. Set aside until the glue is entirely dry.

Now you want to attach your bow to your wreath. I went with the very classic bottom of the wreath position. Just stick a frond through each side of your bow and pull it tight to secure it.

Now, step back and look critically at your wreath. Do you love it? I did, but I didn't LOVE it. So, remember those stems with the big leaves I had you save? Cut a few of those off, and grab your hot glue gun! Put a small bead of glue on the stem of the leaves and stick them down where you want them to go. This made a huge difference in my wreaths and I encourage you to do the same!

Lastly, decide how you want to hang your wreaths. I looped enough ribbon to go over the back of the door and be secured on my suction cup wreath hangers.

After you arrange your wreaths just so on your door stand back and admire your handiwork. Instagram it again, because you, the non-craftiest person in the world just made some adorable Christmas wreaths and didn't walk away with your hand hot glued to your head! Amazing!

Merry Merry, y'all and if you make these wreaths let me know! I'd love to see photos!

Also you can PIN IT for later!