January 27, 2015

Catch the Moment: Week Three

I'm here for week three of Catch the Moment. This week was most definitely not my best effort. It was honestly a victory just to get them all taken.
I'm linking up with Mindi from Simply Stavish, Stephanie from Behind the Camera and Dreaming and Carrie from My Life, Our Journey and the rest of the Catch the Moment Crew! If you want to join in, let me know. There is a fantastic Facebook group full of supportive women!
If you feel inspired grab your DSLR (or iPhone or point and shoot or whatever!) and get to clicking!
015/365 Thursday January 15th, 2015
I can haz noms? 
016/365 Friday January 16th, 2015
Fried Chicken in my new lodge cast-iron skillet!

017/365 Saturday January 17th, 2015
Evie made us special cupcakes in her easy bake oven!

018/365 Sunday January 18th, 2015
Wood Grain.

019/365 Monday January 19th, 2015
What happens when you can seem to get the whole family healthy at the same time.


020/365 Tuesday January 20th, 2015
View from my driveway. I love this tree. Sadly, it doesn't belong to us, or even to our neighborhood. It is on the other side of the HOA fence. It was beautiful this past Fall and provided lovely late afternoon/early evening shade this past Summer. We'll see how I feel about it once Spring and pollen season roll around!

021/365 Wednesday January 21st, 2015
When your baby shows up with a weird hip disease you make her favorite meal to try to cheer her up!

*I watermark all of my photos; sometimes I might even watermark them twice. Sorry, I'm not sorry. I'm protective of my children's likenesses, and I will protect them. If you are family and want access to the family photo sharing website where I keep all my photos sans watermarks, please email me.